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       Three years ago, two teenagers from Washington state dreamt about the
day they could see the country. The highways and by-ways of America called 
their names.
       Every boy dreams about the road. The road means adventure and 
excitement. The world looms up at you at 55 miles per hour with the wind in 
your hair and the sun glinting off the black pavement . . . 

       Mix this thrilling stereotype with an avid enthusiam for air-cooled 
Volkswagens, a digital camera, blazing bass beats, and two young guys and 
their desire to share it all with you, and you have the recipe for! 

       Nick and Kris plan to journey across the western United States over
two weeks in the middle of July. 

       The transportation? Nick's decked-out restored 1972 VW Bus . . . 

       The locations? San Francisco, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, 
Salt Lake City, and Boise . . . 

       The catch? You get to see photos and read each of their re-caps from 
every day as it happens. You get to talk to them online (tell them what to 
do, ask them questions, or just say hi). You get to track their course and 
see how much money they spent, how much gas they used, how hot it was, what 
music they listened to, find out what food they ate, learn what crazy things 
they did, and, of course, how many miles they put on Nick's Bus.

       So sit back and let them do all the work and get ready to go on a
virtual road trip!